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From any WYSIWYG, you can add a widget by clicking on this icon : 


Select Content Manager Content list

Fill the different options

Title: title of your list of content
Pager (top, bottom or top & bottom positions): position of the pager.
Content type: choose the content type you want your list to be based on.
Display page controler: yes or no
Pager position: where do you want to place the pager, on the top, the end of the list or both.
Number of content per page: choose the how many contents you want to be displayed per page of your list.
Number of content to display: set a maximum amount of content to apprear in the list.
Order field: select the field you want to sort out your list from.

Overriding the template widget.xml

You can override the widget template with : template="content/widget/link/link_block.phtml"


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