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This section defines the default url that will be suggested when you’ll create a new content.

Url manager section

Default URL pattern

If you leave the URL empty, you’ll need to set it manually for each content you’ll create. Alternatively, you can set a replacement patterns to auto-build your URL (see below the section “About Short Codes”).

Menu settings

Allow URLs based on menu hierarchy :

  • if Yes, admin could define a specific URL for this content in Menu section and choose which one is used as default url in the canonical link.
  • If No, admin can link the content in a menu, but never change the URL of this content.

    Note : this feature will be available in ACM 2.1 (coming soon).

About Short Codes:

Short code are used to build patterns using the values of your content fields.
Short code are defined by the identifier of a field included by two curly brackets, like this: {{ field_identifier}} .

If the field used could have some html characters, you can specify to ignore them by adding a pipe and the code “plain”, as this : {{ field_identifier|plain}}.

For example, if you have a field named “firstname”, another one named “lastname” and you are creating a testimonial content type. Then you can set your default title to: {{ firstname|lastname}}.


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