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Manage Fields and Fieldsets

Page Title

This field define the default title that will be suggested when you will create a new content.

You can use replacement patterns to auto-build your title.
For example, if you have a field named “firstname”, another one named “lastname” and you are creating a testimonial content type. Then you can set your default title to:

Testimonial of  example default pattern

manage fields

(in version 1.x, you must save your content type once before being able to create some fields, this is no longer necessary on ACM2)

Custom Fields

Add New Fieldset

Adding an new fieldset will set an area in which you’ll create your fields.
Add at least one fieldset, named “general” for example.

manage fieldset

After adding your first fieldset, you can now create fields.

Add new Field

Click Add New Field button to create a new field in the corresponding fieldset.

add a field tab

  • Title: Title of your field
  • Identifier: Unique ID, used for template redefinition and custom script
  • Input Type: Define the type of the field, see Field types definition to have details for each field type.
  • Is Required: Define is the field will be a required field when creating a new content.
  • Show in grid: Define if the value of the field will be listed in the contents grid (CMS → Your content type name)
  • Note: A note which will be displayed under the field to help the webmaster, or give information about this field.

Organize yours fields

These fields will build the form structure of your content, subsequently available in the Content Manager → Your content section.
For readability purpose, you can add more fieldset to group your fields.
It's easy, you can drag and drop your fields between fieldsets, or themselves by using the dotted left border.

To find more detailed information about one particular type of field follow the links below:

Text Files Selection Relation
- Fields
- Text area
- Password
- File
- Image
- Drop-down
- Radio buttons
- Checkbox
- Multi-select

- Product relation
- Category relation
- Content relation
- Product attribute



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