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Create a Content List

With ACM 2, you can group content types together in lists.
For example, if you have a content type “article” for a blog, you can create a list of these articles.

  • Select “Content” in the main menu,
  • in the Content manager section, select Content Lists,

create a content list

  • then “Add a content list” to create your page.

→ you need to create a content type first, and different contents elements, in order to list them.

create a content list



Here you add general information about the page of your list :

content list information

  • Page title : give a title to your page.
  • URL Key: you can put the key you want, but if you don’t mention any, it will be automatically generated when you save the page
  • Store view: choose on which storeviews you want this list to appear. If your shop is available in different languages, you can select them all to create one list for each storeview, then you’ll be able to manage the translation really easily.
  • Status: choose enabled to display your list.
    If you want to desactivate an existing list, choose disabled and error 404 will be returned.



Content list option

  • Content type: start with selecting the content type you want to list.
  • Display page control: If you have a lot of contents to display, activate the pager
  • Pager position: can be placed on top of the list, at the bottom of the page or both at the same time.
  • Number of content per page: how many elements of the list do you want per page
  • Number of Content to Display: if you want to select some of your elements, just put how many of them
  • Order field: select how do you want to sort your items, by date, author…
  • Sort order: ascending or descending



Use the conditions if you want to display some content depending on their value. For instance :


Extra content

Here you can write a heading prior to the list and another content to display afterwards.



With ACM2 layout manager, you can easily build advanced customized page layout.
The layout manager will help you to sort and organize the fields you want to place on the content list.

Important: make sure you saved your content list before starting the layout management process.

  • Layout general: select the general layout of the page, you can select a different one from the rest of your store.
  • Layout update XML : paste here your XML cod
  • Content layout: this will be the structure of your list itself

Then select and configure your items to custom your list of content:

Content list Layout manager

Congratulation, you’ve just done your first list!


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