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Setting a content as a home page

Once you have your content and you want to set it as the home page:

  • Go to the Stores menu, Configuration below the Setting entry

menu stores configuration

  • Then go to General tab, and to the Web tab.

  • Open the Default Pages fieldset and edit the Default Web Url field with the value of your choice:

    • For a content: contentmanager/index/content/content_id/<Your content id>
    • For a content list: contentmanager/index/contentlist/contentlist_id/<Your content list id>

    To find your content ID, select your your content in the content menu and you'll find the ID in the grid:
    content id

    default web url

  • Save the configuration 
  • Refresh the CONFIG and FPC caches. (System > Tools > Cache Management)

Your home page is now your content (or content list) page!

 home page from a content


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