Advanced Content Manager 2 Extension for Magento
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For Magento 2

Text > Field


A simple field for short text or sentence.
You can limit the characters (let empty or 0 for no limitation) and set a default value.

To create a text field, start by choosing the input type “text > Field” (see settings).



  • Title : Label of the field

  • Identifier : Unique ID, used for template redefinition and custom script. By default, the identifier is set by a concatenation of the Custom Type identifier (eg “all_fields”) and Title (eg. “text”).

  • Input type : current definition of the field type. Note that after saving, you’ll be unable to change the Input type.

  • Required : define if the field is mandatory or not when user will complete the content form.

  • Show in Grid : define if the field will be available to be showed in the content listing (under CMS → Your content type name).

  • Note : A note which will be displayed under the field to help the webmaster, or give information about this field.

Special settings :

  • Max Characters : let you put a limit on the number of characters

  • Default Value : Set a default value for this field when creating a new content.