Advanced Content Manager Extension for Magento 1
For Magento 1
For Magento 2

Content Widget

Only from the the release 1.12.14:

You can render the content of your choice by using these methods:

Via the layout xml, or a update layout XML field:

  <block type="contentmanager/view" name="contentmanager.my_content">
      <action method="setContentId">

Or directly in the .phtml template:

    echo $this->getLayout()
    ['content_id' => 'my_content_ID']

Or even via the CMS, by using this shortag:

{{block type="contentmanager/view" content_id=”my_content_ID”}}

You can also use the widget UI in the wysiwyg:

{{widget type="contentmanager/widget_view" content_id=”my_content_ID”}}