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Filter my list of contents

You can create list of contents, but it is also very helpful to be able to filter them in front side, categorized them, ...
This documentation explain how to implement it in your website. See example our demo website, take a look at the top left "CATEGORIES" block.


If you are already using XML to create your list of contents, we hardly recommand to use the same way to create your filter block.

  <reference name="left">
      <block type="contentmanager/filter" name="news.filter" before="-">
          <action method="setLabel"><label>Categories</label></action>
          <action method="setAttributeToFilter"><identifier>categories</identifier></action>
          <action method="setViewAll"><value>true</value></action>

This block require an attribute to filter to be set. use the "setAttributeToFilter" action.
You can enable the view all link and set a label to your block.

You can modify the default template by overriding this file: template/contenttype/filter.phtml

It is also possible to set a new template to your block :

  <reference name="left">
      <block type="contentmanager/filter" template="contenttype/filter-category.phtml" name="news.filter" before="-">

From the admin panel

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