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We hope you will find on this page some relevant information about Advanced Content Manager. If not, please consult the documentation page. Finally (are you sure ?), you can contact us by this page.

License & Support

Q. How can I access to the support ?

A. Contact us using the form, we will assist you by email. Please give us some information with your message : order or license number, server credentials and everything which can help us to answer you.

Q. What is the license policy? On how many websites can I use Advanced Content Manager ?

A. Our single license allows you to use Advanced Content Manager on one Magento installation. License is not domain related, but installation related.
If you run several domains on the same instance of Magento, you can use the single license.
However if you run each website on a new installation of Magento, you need separate license for each of them, or buy our Integrator license.

Q. Can I install Advanced Content Manager on my development website, or my validation server ?

A. Yes, if this instance is a website which is not opened to public.

Q. Do you have a license for integrators, or web agencies ?

A. Yes. We are friends of web agencies and we want to join with them to create more powerful shops, faster ! Contact us to discuss about an integrator license.

Features & Account

Q. Where can I download my extension ?

A. Connect to your account, click on "My downloadable products", then click on the extension name to download it.

Q. Is there any limitation on number of fields or number of contents ?

A. No, everythings is unlimitted, it only depends on your server performance.

Skills & Services

Q. Do I need computer skills to use this extension ?

A. It depends of your needs ;) But we worked hard to provide a user friendly extension, and some of the most powerful features of Advanced Content Manager can be used without any line of code !

Q. Could you install the extension for me ?

A. Yes, for sure. Just add the "installation" option during checkout, or buy the Installation service product. We will contact you shortly after having complete your order.


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