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Manage URLs

Manage URLs

This section defines the default url that will be suggested when you will create a new content.

Default URL pattern

If you leave the URL empty, you will need to set it manually for each content you want to create. Alternatively, you can set a replacement pattern to auto-build your URL (see below the section “About Short Codes”).

Menu settings

Allow URLs based on menu hierarchy:

  • if Yes, admin could define a specific URL for this content in Menu section and choose which one is used as default url in the canonical link.

  • If No, admin can link the content in a menu, but never change the URL of this content.

Note: this feature will be available in ACM 2.1 (coming soon).

About Short Codes

Short codes are used to build patterns using the values of your content fields.

Short codes are defined by the identifier of a field included by two curly brackets, like this: .

If the field used could have some html characters, you can specify to ignore them by adding a pipe and the code “plain”, as this: .

For example, if you have a field named “firstname”, another one named “lastname” and you are creating a testimonial content type, you can set your default title to:  .