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Relation > Content List


The ‘relation’ field types enable you to link different elements of your store in your content type : other contents, customers, categories, attribute, products and now to content lists.

Therefore you can easily add a content list into any content types.

When creating or editing a content type :

Add a new field → in Input type select : Relation - Content List

Fill the different fields and save your content type. You’ll be able to select which existing Content List you want to add directly from the ‘Content’ settings itself.


Layout Manager

Content settings

Front end


  • Title : Label of the field

  • Identifier : Unique ID, used for template redefinition and custom script. By default, the identifier is set by a concatenation of the Custom Type identifier (eg “all_fields”) and Title (eg. “area”).

  • Input type : current definition of the field type. Note that after saving, you’ll be unable to change it.

  • Required : define if the field is mandatory or not when user will complete the content form.

  • Show in Grid : define if the field will be available to be showed in the content listing (under CMS → Your content type name). Take care because all value will be showed.

Note : A note which will be displayed under the field to help the webmaster, or give information about this field.