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Renders methods

The following methods are made to help you render your content. They are all based on a content model object:


To get a content, you can load it by his ID, or by collection of several contents (see getCollection() section of this page).

Table of content:


Get the content object

You can retrieve the current content in your template as following : (by using the \Blackbird\ContentManager\Block\View block)

$content = $block->getContent();


Get all raw values

1 $content->getData();


Get a specific value by his field identifier

$content->getData('field_identifier'); $content->getFieldIdentifier(); $content->getAttributeText('field_identifier'); // Get the option label for a select field type.


Get content type model

$contentType = $content->getContentType();


Get custom fields collection

$customFields = $contentType->getCustomFieldCollection();


Get image URL for an image field type

$content->getImage($fieldIdentifier, $width = null, $height = null, $keepAspectRatio = false, $cropped = false)

  • $width: defined the width of the image, if null take the original width of the image
  • $height: defined the height of the image, if null take the original height of the image
  • $keepAspectRatio: force to keep the aspect ratio of the image
  • $croped: force to return the cropped instead of original image if it exists, false by default


Get file absolute URL, for a file field type



Get the full content url


If $content is retrieved by a collection, url_key attribute must be selected.


Get content collection for content field type

$content->getContentCollection($fieldIdentifier, $attributes);

  • $fieldIdentifier: the string identifier of your field.
  • $attributes: PHP array, list of the fields you want to select for further use : ['title', 'url_key', 'news_date']


Render a field in HTML

$content->render($element, $params);

$params: PHP array, extra parameters for your field, will override default ones. Depending on your field type:

  • label: string - The label of the element
  • label_type: int -
    • 0 to hide the label
    • 1 for showing the label over the field value
    • 2 for label below the field value
    • 3 for an inline label
  • html_label_tag: string - The html label tag.
  • html_tag: string - The html element for the whole wrapper of the field value
  • html_id: string - wrapper html id
  • html_class: string - wrapper html css classes
  • has_link: string -
    • 0 for no link
    • 1 to wrap the field value with a link to the corresponding content.
  • type: string - The output format of your field, accepted values, depending of your field type are:
    • Checkbox: checkbox_list_values, checkbox_list_titles, checkbox_comma_values, checkbox_comma_titles
    • Radio: radio_select_title, radio_select_value
    • Multiple select: multiple_list_values, multiple_list_titles, multiple_comma_values, multiple_comma_titles
    • Date: date_short, date_medium, date_long
    • Date time: date_time_short, date_time_medium, date_time_long
    • Drop down: drop_select_title, drop_select_value
    • File: file_filename_without, file_filename_with, file_custom_label
    • Image: image_cropped, image_original
    • Category: category_name
    • Product: product_all, product_name, product_name_image, product_name_image_price, product_name_price
    • Content: content_name, content_name_linked, content_list, content_view
    • Country: country_name
    • Customer: customer_name
  • width: int - Image width
  • height: int - Image height
  • link: int (0 or 1) - Wrap the image by a link pointing to the original image


Get the content attributes



Get a content attribute by his code



Get the current store for a content



Get all store ids for a content



Check if the content exists for a given store id