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    ACM 2.1.24 is released - Jan 16, 2018

    This release add new important features and improvements. You can now Import and Export your Content Types and Contents!

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    ACM 2.1.23 is released - Jan 3, 2018

    This release fix many issue and deliver some new features and improvements. You can now set a visibility to your content type!

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    ACM 2.1.22 is released - Oct 26, 2017

    This release fix the custom field type 'integer'. The data are now correctly saved as int. So the sorter works correctly too in content list.

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    ACM 2.1.21 is released - Oct 23, 2017

    This release fix the content filter block. The custom field types 'conten','attribute','category' are correctly rendered now.

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    ACM 2.1.19 is released - Oct 9, 2017

    This release add the support for Magento 2.2 and debugs.
    Warning, the package is not compatible with Magento 2.1.x anymore!

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    ACM 2.1.18 is released - Sep 18, 2017

    This release fix the content grid filters for the new attributes

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    ACM 2.1.17 is released - Sep 15, 2017

    This release fix an major issue to the layout manager.

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    ACM 2.1.16 is released - Sep 11, 2017

    This release add some improvements for the breadcrumb pattern replacement and the filter block.

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    ACM 2.1.15 is released - Aug 23, 2017

    This release fix an important bug in a method name spelling.

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    ACM 2.1.14 is released - Aug 3, 2017

    This release fix two issues: the installation fails and the breadcrumb links generation.

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