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ACM 2.1.11 is released

Jul 20, 2017

This release fix some issues and improve a lot the breadcrumb management.
You can now add ass many breadcrumb you want, and fill them with dynamic values of your custom fields!

Version 2.1.11

Released the 2017-07-20

  • Fix the delete massaction for the content list and content types
  • Fix the identities cache for the content list (cache is now correctly refresh for each modifications)
  • Improve the dynamic template manager, you can now specify the template of your choice
  • Fix the country name front renderer
  • Improve the breadcrumb management, you can use pattern replacement (custom field identifiers between double brackets)
  • Improve the breadcrumb management, add as many previous breadcrumb you want, slice them by ";"

For further details, see our release notes.


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