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ACM 2.1.8 is released!

Apr 27, 2017

We have some great news for you! The lastest version of ACM 2 is out, and fix many issues.

Version 2.1.8

Released the 2017-04-27

  • Fix the 'misk' spelling into 'misc' (custom field type misc)
  • Fix the content list breadcrumb
  • Fix the template of the custom field type 'image'
  • Fix the store plugins: error 'call to undefined methods'
  • Fix the relation grid: existing selected items are not anymore ignored
  • Fix the Content Link widget: empty template was assigned
  • Fix the Sitemap contruct
  • Fix the required statement of the alt/title/url fields from the custom field type 'image'
  • Delete the unused Time backend entity
  • Delete the reindex call in the InstallData setup script
  • Refactor the getImage method of the Content model: arguement $cropped is true to default
  • Refactor the Custom Field render blocks
  • Refactor the addContentTypeFilter method of the Content collection: argument $contentType can't be null
  • Add the getDataAsArray method in the Content model
  • Add the getProductCollection method in the Content model

For further details, see our release notes.


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