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New Release: ACM 2.1.7!

Mar 2, 2017

New version is available with new custom fields : locale, country & currency, and a new relation field : customer !

Version 2.1.6

Not Released Individually

  • Some code refactoring (minor)
  • Fix the condition to generate the url rewrites
  • Fix the js for the custom fields
  • Add the Custom Field 'Misk': Locale, Country, Currency
  • Add the Custom Field 'Relation': Customer

Version 2.1.7

Released the 2016-03-02

  • Some code refactoring (minor)
  • Fix the svg special case for the image (now available as: 'svg' instead of 'svg+xml')
  • Fix the distorted image for the custom field image
  • Fix the 'JQuery' not found bug for the custom field image
  • Fix the template of the category name (category url now works)
  • Fix the uninstall script

For further details, see our release notes.

Special thanks to Simone Marcato from Hvelops for his precious contributions! 


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