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v1.6.2 - New admin grid + new relation field

Jul 16, 2015

In the new release, the version 1.6.2 of advanced content manager integrate new features and small fix for Magento

  • The admin grid (contents list) has been remade: it is more user friendly for multi-stores / multi-languages websites, and is speeder to load.
  • Admin grid can now be correctly be filtered by store views and column search fields
  • Add new field type: Relation -> Category
    This field allow to link one of your content to catalog categories.
  • Admin menu integrate shortcuts to Add item
  • New CMS widget is added: Content Manager -> Conent Link. This widget, available in your WYSIWYG areas will link to a specific content without using his absolute/relative path.
    It is very helpful in case of site migration, or in case of a multilingual website.
  • Fix an issue with relation fields permissions in Magento


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