Advanced Content Manager for Magento 1

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ACM: the Swiss army knife of e-commerce content management


  • Configuration of Content Types with specific fields
  • Quick duplication of content from Content Types
  • Easy creation, publication and modification of content in Back Office
  • Group your content by content lists
  • Searchable content and URL rewriting
  • Customizable layout
  • Easily integrate menus
  • Content linking


Read this page and our documentation to discover all the features


ACM is also available for Magento 2!


Available for those versions:

  • CE 1.5
  • CE 1.6
  • CE 1.7
  • CE 1.8
  • CE 1.9

  • EE 1.11
  • EE 1.12
  • EE 1.13
  • EE 1.14


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Advanced Content Manager for Magento 2Advanced Content Manager for Magento 2

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€ 658,00



As we like to summarize it: “CREATE, BUILD, DISPLAY, MANAGE”



CREATE rich and relevant content for Blogs, Landing pages, Home pages, FAQ, ...


BUILD many content types and organize your information in a significant way. 


DISPLAY it how you choose by adding as many custom fields as you want.


MANAGEable by developers and webmasters

      ➜ Exists also for Magento 2 : check the ACM for Magento 2 page.

CREATE relevant content

  • Enrich your store with relevant information to improve your customers’ user experience. You can also create listing pages and view pages.

BUILD content types

  • Organize your information by creating content types. Blogs, Comments, Testimonials, Press release, Store Locators,... options are endless!
    Create custom fields and include them to your content type, at any time without any limitation.

    #Info: 18 field types are at your disposal.

DISPLAY it how you want

  • Create content lists that you can even categorize them and filter them on the front end.

    #More: constitute content types to display them as Home pages or Landing pages.

MANAGE customization and layout

  • “Everyone's fit”

    Developer Friendly: all templates can be overridden and are easily customizable.
    Webmaster Friendly: content can be easily managed through the intuitive back office interface and webmasters have the option to choose layouts. 1, 2, 3 columns? Right or left bar? Manage your layout!

    #DeveloperAlert: this won’t block you as you have the choice to use it or to define their own template for a content type. You can manage permissions.

“We like to keep things organized”


    “We like to keep things organized”

    Create menus comprising one or several menu items (category, product, block, page, content, custom node) that will link to specific content. Integrate those menus to your websites! You can override default Magento menu with yours.

    #Feature : this feature is included in in this extension.

“Translation, Traduction, Traducción, Übersetzung,...”

  • #Important: to use translation you must have Multi Store views configured on your website.

    Assign flags to your store views and choose which languages you want to include.

“Where can I find it?”

  • Make content searchable, in 4 steps. Define which content type you want to pop up when users make researches on your website.

    #BONUS: Agencies and developers with many ambitions and projects to come, we have something for you: an integrator licence allowing you to use ACM for several projects!

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