Advanced Content Manager 2

For Magento 1
For Magento 2

Improve your Store with a powerful CMS!

Create types
of content
and contents
and easy to use
for developers
and webmasters

and intuitive interface

What you can do with only one Extension?

  • icon blogBlog with comments
  • store locatorStore locator
  • image or video galleryImage or video gallery
  • documentationDocumentation

Happiness for Developers

Create new content types for your clients fast and easy.

Associate new fields to your content at any time, of any type: text area, wysiwyg, textfield, checkbox, radios, images with cropping tool, product relations...

With very helpful menu features, that allows you to make tree of pages, products, or anything else.

You can generate listing and view page dynamically from the admin panel, but you can also make your own templates files, with lots of simple methods.

This extension is similar to ACF for Wordpress or Node for Drupal.

icon infini

Unlimited Possibilities

Create content types such as Blog, News, Testimonials, Store Locator Pages in few clicks.

Generate listing pages, view pages and also fully customizable menus.

Thought for developers: every template can be overridden and easy customized.

Create new fields and bind them to your content type, at any time, with no limitation.