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Latest news

This release fix the import feature of content: if url_key is empty, default_url_key is used.

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This release fix the content save action and add filtering logic operator to the content list.

This release fix the content breadcrumbs and improve content type identifier auto-completion.

This release fix the content save action and add new replacement pattern.

This release fix the content list layout group item on frontend and the import of content url keys with a pattern.

This release fix missing attributes in content export and the content list layout update handler.

This release add new important features and improvements. You can now Import and Export your Content Types and Contents!

This release fix many issue and deliver some new features and improvements. You can now set a visibility to your content type!

This release fix the custom field type 'integer'. The data are now correctly saved as int. So the sorter works correctly too in content list.

This release fix the content filter block. The custom field types 'conten','attribute','category' are correctly rendered now.

This release add the support for Magento 2.2 and debugs.
Warning, the package is not compatible with Magento 2.1.x anymore!

This release add some improvements for the breadcrumb pattern replacement and the filter block.

In the latest release we force to add the Canonical Meta Data to the page of content types.
This option will be configurable in the nearest future.

This release fix some issues and improve a lot the breadcrumb management.
You can now add as many breadcrumb you want, and fill them with dynamic values of your custom fields, thanks to the pattern replacement!

You can now create a list of content of multiple content type! (Only via the layout xml).

New features : Content List Filter Block and 'has_link' setting in the Content List Widget form, improvements and minor bugs fixed.

This version is a bug fix release, many issues have been fixed.

Major issues fixed: Sitemap - Custom Field Image - Store Plugin - Content List Breadcrumb

Find out what have been fixed in our release notes.

If you are using ACM 2.1.1 (100.1.1) with Magento 2.0.x, please see the details of the new to get the patch.

The search form is broken due to a non-backward issue.

The latest version of ACM is released and fix some issues.
The ContentList pager and view has been fixed.
The duplication of Contents perfectly works with the default store now.

Find out what have been fixed and improved in our release notes.

We have some great news for you! The lastest version of ACM 2 is out, and fix many issues.

The ContentType and ContentList grids has been refactored and are builded with the Ui Component now!

The compatibility issue with the Wyomind_Elasticsearch indexer has been fixed.

Find out what have been fixed and improved in our release notes.

Important modifications has been released in ACM 2.1.2 & 2.1.3.
We have added a resized image cache for the Custom Field type of 'image' and moved the public method 'getProcessedData' from the Content model to the Content & ContentList Blocks.

For further details, see our release notes.

Searchable contents,
URL ReWrite module implementation,
Content preview from the back office

You want to know more about  the powerful features of Advanced Content Manager 2, try out our demo!

Advanced Content Manager 2 is available for your projects on Magento 2! Visit our page about ACM2 for more information!

Integrator license is also available on demand: contact us for more details

The ACM version for Magento 2.x compatibility is in development.
The private beta version is currently in progress.

We will announce the official stable version later in June or July.

Contact us if you want to be alerted when it will be out.

Add new scope to restrict magento admin role per store view for menus. Add new filter block on the search result page to filter by content type.

Minor fixes on permissions, and other collection filters.

New extra fields for image title and alt attributes + performance improvement

New body classes for your contents and some minor fixes.

A new field type has been added: "attribute relation".
This field allows to create link between product attribute option and your contents.

Some minor fixes corresponding to customers feedbacks have been implemented.

A new feature has been released in our last package! You can now define custom breacrumbs for your contents.

A new field have been added. You can now link your contents together, create relationship between news and categories, select related posts, manage hierarchical links, ...

Few corrections for a better handling of the menu in multi-store configuration. Menu can now be easily loaded for specific store or current store.

Contents are now filterable and sortable in the admin grid by store views.

A test has been made by our client on Enterprise Edition 1.12.
It works perfectly. Contact us if you need test for 1.13 or 1.14.

Fix for PNG transparency, fix compability with magento 1.5CE.

Create types
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and contents

News, blogs, testimonials, ...

and easy to use

OpenSource, user friendly interface

for developers
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Powerful and scalable

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Step 1/3 : Compose your content type

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Ease-to-use and intuitive interface

Create your content in few minutes thanks to a nice and intuitive interface.

Drag and drop your fields in your layout areas

Create your contents with simple and organised forms.

Happiness for developers

Create new content types for your client fast and easy.

Associate new fields to this content at any time, of any type: textarea, wysiwyg, textfield, checkbox, radios, images with cropping tool, products relations, ...

Very helpful menu features, that allows to you to make tree of pages, products, or anything else.

You can generate listing and view page dynamically from the admin panel, but you can also make your own templates files, with lots of simple methods.

This extension is similar to ACF for Wordpress or Node for Drupal.

  • Text field
  • Text area
  • Password
  • File upload
  • Image, with cropping tool
  • Drop-down
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Multi Select
  • Date
  • Time
  • Product relation

Unlimited possibilities

Create content types such as Blog, News, Testimonials, Stores Locator pages in few clicks.

Generate listing pages, view pages and also fully customizable menus

Though for developers: every templates can be override and are easy to be customized

Create new fields and bind them to your content type, at any time, with no limitation.


60 days
free support


Made for developers
and webmasters

14 days money
back guarantee

Made by Magento
certified developers